2 Aug 2022

ESF Innovation Fair 2022

The ESF Innovation Fair 2022 was an exciting student-led science competition held online on 19 March 2022. The Innofair was about supporting young people in their passion for STEM. All students in Hong Kong between Year 10 and Year 13 were welcome to participate. 

3 of the 22 participating teams were from RCHK! We had –  

‍🔬 Team 1: Justin Yuen, Max Wan, and James Guo from Year 12; 

‍🔬 Team 6: Daniel Cheung, Shriya Srinivasan, and Leo Chen from Year 11; 

‍🔬 Team 20: Desmond Cheng, Ellis Lam, and Marvin Lin from Year 12. 

Months before the Innofair took place, 22 student teams pursued the research topic of their choice and were paired with professor mentors who matched their research interests. After much hard work and collaboration, on the day of the Innofair, students gave presentations to a panel of judges. They also hosted exhibition booths where they chatted with visitors about their projects. 

The Innofair was an excellent display of the ingenuity and scientific zeal embodied by students inside and outside RCHK. Many thanks to Year 12 students Michelle Wong, Megan Chan, Charis Pao, Hemashri Mohan, and Year 11 students Heer Jhaveri and Jasper Lau for hosting the event and moderating the breakout sessions. A big thank you also goes to teacher supervisors Ms. Shobha Sanker and Ms. Vidya Madhavan for their invaluable support. 

Published: 2 August 2022, 10:00