Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement Team (LET)

The college-wide LET department supports students, parents and teachers across all year levels. The LET is involved in addressing the needs of all individual learners, with a specific focus on Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language and Gifted & Talented.

Our vision is to promote an inclusive philosophy based on the best practice, to liaise, as experts, within the community and to empower all students to achieve their goals and experience success.

Claire Gore is the coordinator for Secondary LET and Tonya Keyser is the coordinator for Primary LET.

Each of our Primary LET teachers works within the following areas across Years 1-6

Year 1:

  • Teacher: Therese Owen
  • Educational Assistant: Candy Yeung

Year 2:

  • Teacher: Tim Ryan
  • Educational Assistant: Evelina Matvejeya

Year 3:

  • Teacher: Michelle Saathoff
  • Educational Assistant: Vera Firth

Year 4:

  • Teacher: Jerry Carroll
  • Educational Assistant: Rabia Siddiqi

Year 5:

  • Teacher: Tonya Keyser
  • Educational Assistant: Paul Croft

Year 6:

  • Teacher: Joana Clayton
  • Educational Assitant: Monisha Samtani

Each of our Secondary LET teachers links with a year group and subject(s):

Year 7 and Design: Siuling Woolcott-Brown

Year 8 and Individuals & Societies: Kelly Richter

Year 9 and Science: Shija Godfrey

Year 10 and Mathematics: Emily Dygve

Year 11/12 and The Arts: Amanda Chapman

Year 13 and English/PHE: Claire Gore

Modern Foreign Languages: Karina Valencia

There are 7 Learning Enhancement Educational Assistants in the primary and 5 in secondary school. Details of all our team members can be found here.