K2 to Year 1 Transition

We are excited to welcome you and your child to the Renaissance College community in August 2021. While we are going through an unprecedented time, we are committed to supporting the transition from Kindergarten to Year One.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you and your child to the Renaissance College environment, to the teachers who will be teaching your child and to the materials that they will use to play, grow and learn. There are stories read by the teachers to listen to, and learning experiences to try at home.

Year 1 Social Story

ESF Renaissance College Hong Kong 發佈於 2020年5月11日星期一


At Renaissance College, we love learning through stories and enjoy sharing and listening to stories. Click above to listen to the teachers sharing their favourite stories with you.

You can also take part in learning with videos created by specialist teachers at RCHK. These have been created for our Year 1 learners during distant learning and you and your child can give them a go at home.