Further Education


The IB CP allows students to access universities, colleges, careers and a number of other avenues for further learning. Our first three cohorts of IBCP graduates in 2016, 2017 and 2018 have been successfully accepted by the California Institute of Art (CalArt), Central St. Martins (University Arts London (UAL)), Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada, Camberwell University of Arts UK, Leeds College of Art & Design and SCAD. For international recognition of the programme, please refer to our list of higher education institutions.

Career Pathways

CP schools worldwide offer a variety of career pathways. In our context of an Art & Design career pathway the possible programmes of further study include the ones listed below.

• Advertising
• Animation
• Fashion
• Graphic Design
• Interactive Design and Game Development
• Illustration
• Interior Design
• Motion Media Design
• Painting
• Photography
• Sequential Art
• Visual Effect
• Fashion Marketing and Management
• Digital Media
• Television Producing
• Architecture
• Accessory Design
• Industrial Design
• Production Design
• Film & Television
• Furniture Design
• Historic Preservation
• Sound Design
• Art History

Similarly, students who undertake the Musical Theatre programme with HKAPA are also provided with a wide range of career paths as indicated below.

• Actor/performer
• Drama therapist
• Music therapist
• Theatre director
• Arts administrator
• Broadcast presenter
• Theatre stage manager
• PA technician
• Casting director
• Production
• Scriptwriter
• Set designer
• Theatre critic
• Artistic director
• Singer
• Choreographer
• Conductor
• Concert promotion
• Music distribution
• Set designers
• Lighting and sound designers
• Agents and talent scout
• Teacher/ Lecturer
• Stand-up comedian

Students who pursue the Hospitality and Culinary Art will have many opportunities for career entry and advancement to support the growth and sustainability of the hospitality and tourism sector in Hong Kong and beyond.

Students who study the Digital Skills programme will enjoy career opportunities across a range of industries including finance, marketing, operations, research and development, sales, IT, human resources and legal field.

Guidance and Support

The CP students have a dedicated session for 1 hour 20 minutes every two weeks with our CP Coordinator to ensure that their wellbeing and support is being catered for as they complete their studies. All of Renaissance College’s counselling services and learning enhancement services are available to our CP students. Renaissance College has a Further Education office that fully supports our students with applications to colleges and universities. Additionally, students at SCAD, HKAPA, HKICI/THI and BSD Academy can enjoy the student services provided on their respective campuses.