Year 1


Welcome to Year One!

This is a year of exciting new beginnings. We are privileged to introduce your child to RCHK and look forward to helping them achieve many milestones during their first year of schooling.

The Year One team work together to plan and implement a programme that caters for every child’s learning needs. The curriculum is delivered through a variety of stimulating learning experiences, including excursions within the Hong Kong community.

This year, we will focus on boosting your child’s confidence and making them feel a part of the RCHK family, as well as encouraging them to become independent learners.

Year One Team


Catriona Mortensen – 1CM – Year level leader
Jennifer Fausset – 1JF
Lewis Newman – 1LN
Amy Kun – 1AK
Julie Nicolle – 1JN
Asma Syed – 1AS
Therese Owen – LET

Educational Assistants

Dia Tolani
Kim Bianca Stewart
Nelson Lam
Riyaa Paryani
Astrid Chow
Dilky Nanayakkara
Candy Yeung


Unit of Inquiry

This is the area where you will find the Year One Unit of Inquiry Bulletins. The bulletin will be posted at the beginning of each unit of inquiry. It will provide core information about the unit of inquiry, upcoming events, important dates and celebrations of learning specific to Year One.

Year One Website