Wellbeing at RCHK

Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at RCHK

Our model for wellbeing at RCHK is the “heart of RCHK”. It includes our values for our community on the left, and our work to develop wellbeing in ourselves on the right.

Renaissance College takes a wellbeing-centred approach in order to enhance connections and relationships, nurturing our community. We are committed to promoting wellbeing, belonging and positive mental health to and for all members of our community. We actively seek the involvement of our students and for their voices to be heard. Our students believe that all the aspects of wellbeing are linked together in our strong relationships, making relational wellbeing a vital part of our community.

This video explains our approach to wellbeing at RCHK.

Wellbeing itself is a term that can be hard to define. At RCHK, we consider wellbeing to be “the physical, social and psychological state needed to meet life’s challenges.”  We all know that life throws challenges at us. What we are striving for in our positive education approach is to support students in developing a toolkit of resources to respond to these challenges.

The goal of our approach to wellbeing at RCHK is to “provide the tools to flourish throughout life”

The approach to wellbeing has been evolving at RCHK for ten years, in consultation with students, staff and the wider community. We are always open to conversation about how how approach to wellbeing and has evolved and developed, and might continue to do so. Our approach to wellbeing for our community at RCHK can be found here.