28 Jun 2024

ESF App and Annual Rollover

To ensure data security and maintain accurate records, the ESF Centre IT Team will be logging all users out of the app as part of the annual rollover process.

Key Points:

1. Downloading Reports and ePortfolio: If you are transitioning from one ESF school to another, or are leaving the ESF community, you are requested to download your child/children’s reports on or before Wednesday, 31 July.

2. What To Expect: 
Auto Log Out: On Monday, 5 August, all parents, staff and students will be logged out from the ESF App.

Re-login: You can log back in using your registered email address on or after Tuesday, 6 August. If you encounter any issues, Red Door Centre (helpdesk@rchk.edu.hk) will be available to assist you.


Results for the IB Diploma (IBDP) Course Programmes and Career-related Programmes (IBCP) 2024 announced!