Red Door Centre

Red Door Centre

Red Door Centre is a unique department at Renaissance College. It is set up to:

  • Influence vision and strategic directions in the use of technology for teaching and learning and operations
  • Instructional and pedagogical coaching in the use technology
  • Strategic planning and daily support for technical infrastructure such as network, security, information systems
  • Built and maintain communication platforms such as websites, social media channels, SMS and mailings.
  • Developing understanding of digital and interconnected youth and professional culture including citizenship and safety
  • Providing resources for students developing mastery of film making, robotics and electronics (maker spaces)
The Team

The Red Door team is a blend of teachers, media and creative professionals, helpdesk specialists and systems experts in network, programming and databases.
Having pedagogical, technical and creative minds housed under one roof is what makes Red Door unique and so capable of innovation and systemic approaches at the same time.

The History

The Red Door name was originally given to a group of three creative professionals who worked closely with the ICT team but formed a separate unit. DOOR was chosen as an acronym of Digital Opportunities on Request and to symbolize openness and possibilities. Red colour is regarded as an auspicious color in the Chinese culture. The two departments were merged in 2010 and expanded in 2014 to include instructional coaches.