House System

The House System

Renaissance College has four houses, each comprising staff and students from all year levels.

The four houses are named after Chinese imperial dynasties: Tang, Song, Ming and Qing.

The house system:

  • Allows students of all ages to interact, providing mentoring opportunities
  • Creates a sense of identity and belonging and helps foster school spirit
  • Promotes participation and healthy competition in a range of activities
  • Provides opportunities for student leadership and pastoral care

To find out more about house activities and events, please check out the House Weebly website. The password is rchk.

House Directors and Captains
House Directors Captains (Secondary) Captains (Primary)

Scott Panico (Primary)
Amanda Chapman (Secondary)

Justin Lam,
Beatrice Sung, 

Harold Yick,
Helen Yu

Kai Thompson,
Leanne Leung,
Harry Hollis,
Vicki Cheung


Jason Prohaska (Primary)
Stacey Leung (Secondary)

Alfa Cheung,
Jasia Pang, 

Julia Chia,
Jaren Yeung

Gavin Cheng,
Anfield Wong,
Fei Fei Wong,
Jacob Prohaska


Cecilia Lau (Primary)
Shane Donaldson (Secondary)

Charisse Kong,
Krissy Yip,
Jane Chan,
Melanie Mazariegos

Abby Wong,
Tanya Chui,
Adele Lau,
Kaela Chow


Katie Etchells (Primary)
Kevin Thomas (Secondary)

Endria Tai,
Kristy Wong,
Jinnie Lau,
Iunia Dinu

Milo O’Neill,
Aiden Ma,
Ryan Wong,
Ching Hei Lam