House System

Renaissance College has four Houses, each comprising staff and students from all year levels.

The Houses are named after Chinese imperial dynasties: Tang, Song, Ming and Qing.


The House System:

  • Allows students of all ages to interact, providing mentoring opportunities
  • Creates a sense of identity and belonging and helps foster school spirit
  • Promotes participation and healthy competition in a range of activities
  • Provides opportunities for student leadership and pastoral care
  • Helps a big school feel small

Please view the 2019-2020 Secondary House Events Calendar!

House Directors and Captains
House Directors Secondary Captains Primary Captains

Alison Crosbie (Primary)
Giuliana Colarossi (Secondary)

  • Joe Cotton
  • Ines Lau Vazquez
  • Sanya Bannerji
  • Abbie Wong
  • Timothy Law
  • Sophie Doucette
  • Kate Chiu
  • Daren Cheung

Jason Prohaska (Primary)
Melissa Booker (Secondary)

  • Alfa Cheung
  • Shevaun Yip
  • Jacob Prohaska
  • Audrey Yip
  • Callum Ng
  • Jonathan Poon
  • Calista Cheung
  • Derek Kwong

Priscilla So (Primary)
Brendan Lee (Primary)
Shirley Yuen (Secondary)

  • Emma Ernfeldt
  • Markandeya Karthik
  • Charlie Haywood
  • Cheryl Wong
  • Kal-El Chow
  • Mikaela Tsang
  • Renee Wang
  • Jayden Yu

Bastiaan Schippers (Primary)
Kevin Thomas (Secondary)

  • Justine Leung
  • Danielle Tsang
  • Harsha Madhu
  • Isabel Ho
  • Hailey Hwang
  • Rumi Nanwani
  • Nathan Chan
  • Liana Paryani


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