College Fair



Organized by RAPT and supported by generous sponsors, parent volunteers, teachers, students and staff, the annual College Fair is a preeminent fundraiser for RCHK as well as a major event for the school, the local Ma On Shan community and families in Hong Kong!

The purpose of the College Fair is to raise funds to help improve the learning environment and conditions at RCHK for our students’ development, from classroom renovations to new technology investment to incorporating new system upgrades.


Join us at the 2023 Family Fun Day on Saturday, 2 December. More information about it below.


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Past Fairs – Photo Gallery / Video

2018 – 12 Olympians: Unity with Diversity

2017 – “Power of Positivity” + College Fair Video Highlights

2016 – “Celebration”

2015 – “Friendship Beyond Borders”

2014 – “RCHK is Blooming”

2013 – “Sports and Fitness”