College Fair

RCHK College Fair

Organised by RAPT, the College Fair is a preeminent fund-raiser for RCHK as well as a major event in both the college and the local Ma On Shan community. The fair offers abundant amusement for families such as inflatables, bouncy castles, games, talent shows and a variety of international food. There is something for everyone! All funds raised at the fair go directly to benefit our students.

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The most recent College Fair was held on 1 December 2018, with the theme of “12 Olympians: Unity with Diversity” to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the event combined with the diversity and togetherness of the RCHK family.

Thank you all, parents, students, faculty and sponsors, for the many hours and all the energy that each and every one of you put into making our 2018 College Fair: 12 Olympians, Unity with Diversity, such an incredible success! Please CLICK HERE to recapture the fun moments of 2018 College Fair.

The College Fair is not only our largest community event, but it’s also our biggest fundraiser. And we are proud to announce that we raised a gross income of approximately HK$781,000 in total, out of which, $286,320 came from raffle ticket sales. And we are still rounding up the figures. Please return the raffle tickets and money if you haven’t yet. Thank you for helping us improve the learning environment of our children, as the funds raised will be allocated to support different projects for school refurbishments.

Lucky Draw Results

Please check your raffle tickets to find out if you are one of the winners! Winning numbers have been posted HERE. The last day to redeem prizes will be 18 January, 2019 from RAPT’s administrator office.

Raffle Ticket Sales Winners

Congratulations top-selling Primary class 2SH and Secondary Advisory M09, who will each be rewarded with a pizza party! Top selling primary students Suzanne Hureau, Ching Man and Secondary student Jasmine Chung will each receive movie vouchers for their heartfelt contributions.

A Huge Thank You

A special thank you goes to the organising committee, led by our fantastic and fearless leaders Teresa Wong and Billy Cheng, who weathered a number of challenges and showed unwavering commitment and dedication.

We would also like to thank Ms. Jane Choi and her family for making and donating the beautiful balloon pillars, Ms. Mandi Lam for the cascading golden vines at the school entrance, and Art for Action team for the outdoor stage backdrop. The decorations were truly breathtaking, creatively incorporating this year’s theme in golden hues.

Many of us ate our way through the fair with samples from different countries as well as treats from the bake sale. The variety of food was truly mouthwatering! Special thanks to the parents who cooked, donated and served food for each country booth: Hong Kong, India, Korea, Japan, Mexico, France, Argentina, Taiwan and Indonesia.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the following people:
– All external and internal performers for the fantastic entertainment provided throughout the day
– All parents, staff, faculty and student volunteers who helped in different stalls
– RCHK 1694th Scout Group for the flag raising opening ceremony and leading the Scouting Rock activities
– PE teachers for leading the wall climbing
– Secondary CAS Stall students and teachers
– Pedal Kart team for providing fun rides for kids
– Teacher volunteers who sacrificed themselves in Student Revenge to cheer us up
– Secondary Sustainability Team for running the cutlery borrow/return system
– St. John crew for standing by all day to take care of injured visitors
– Blue Team for helping us set-up and doing strike down till very late
– Chartwell staff for supporting the International Food Court

Thank you once again to everyone for your support and taking time to join our event! Please also share our gratitude with those who volunteered but could not be listed on this newsletter.

See HERE for a full list of Parent Volunteers who helped to make our 12th College Fair such a tremendous success. We could not have done it without you.

We wish you all a joyous holiday and a happy New Year!

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