Procedure – Application and Assessment
General Applications opened all year round:
  • All applications must be submitted online. Please see Applications for details.  
  • Applications will be administered in order of application date according to the priority categories. (See Admissions Policy)
Central Applications for Year One and Year Seven every September:
  • All applications must be submitted online during the Central Applications period. (See Applications).
  • All Year One and Year Seven applications received within the central application period (September 1- 30 for Year One and September 1-23 for Year Seven) are PROCESSED IN RANDOM ORDER  following a computer-generated sequential number while the applicants are also ordered according to the priority categories. (See Admissions Policy)

For more Information of Year One admissions, please visit Y1 Admissions.  For Year Seven admissions, click here for the key dates. Please note that RCHK charges a different amount of NBL (Non-refundable Building Levy) from ESF zone schools.  Please click here for detail.

Primary Assessment (Year Two to Year Six)
  • Primary applicants will be invited to RCHK for an age-appropriate English proficiency assessment as vacancies for direct entry or wait-list positions become available.  
  • In addition, Year Four, Five and Six applicants will be invited for the interviews if the first assessment is successful. The interviews are conducted in a group form to further assess the applicants.
Secondary Assessment (Year Eight to Year Twelve)
  • Secondary applicants will be invited to RCHK for an English reading/writing assessment as vacancies for direct entry or wait-list positions become available. (Year 9 –12 applicants are required to take an additional Mathematics assessment).
  • If successful, the applicant and parent(s) will be invited for an interview with a member of the Admissions Committee.
After the Assessment
  • Applicants will be notified of the test/interview outcome by e-mail.
  • If successful, an immediate place or a wait-list place will be offered. 
  • Acceptance of an immediate place must be confirmed by submission of a 2-month fee deposit and a one-off payment of NBL. (see School Fees)
  • Re-applications are required when:
  1. The invitation for an assessment/interview has been declined repeatedly by the applicant
  2. An offer of a place has been declined by the applicant
  3. The applicant has not met the entry requirement at the assessment/interview
Waitlist Placement
  • Successful applicants placed on the wait-list due to the lack of places may be required to undergo a further assessment in the event of there not being a place available for a period greater than six months.