Assessments & Interview

Assessment and Interview 
Primary Assessment (Year One to Year Six)
  • Primary applicants will be invited to RCHK for an age-appropriate language assessment and interview when vacancies for direct-entry or wait-list positions become available. 
Secondary Assessment (Year Seven to Year Twelve)
  • Secondary applicants will be invited to RCHK for an English reading/writing assessment as vacancies for direct-entry or wait-list positions become available.
  • If successful, the applicants will be invited to attend either a group or one-on-one interview with a member of the Admissions Committee.
After the Assessment/interview
  • Applicants will be notified of the test/interview outcome by e-mail.
  • If successful, an immediate place or a wait-list place will be offered. 
  • Acceptance of an immediate place must be confirmed by submission of a 2-month fee deposit and a one-off payment of NBL. (see College Fees)
  • Re-applying is required in the following situations when the application comes to an end: 
  1. The invitation for an assessment/interview has been declined repeatedly by the applicant
  2. The applicant has not met the entry requirement at the assessment/interview.
  3. An offer of a place has been declined by the applicant regardless of the reasons.
Waitlist Placement
  • The successful result of the assessment/interview is valid for six months only.
  • Successful applicants, who have been placed on the waitlist due to the lack of places, are required to undergo a further assessment in the event of there not being a place available for a period greater than six months.  There will be no additional charge for a re-assessment.


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