We are pleased to announce that effective January 2023, Chartwells extended catering service for Year 1 and Year 2 students.

Chartwells oversees all food services at Renaissance College and operates the cafeteria, coffee shop and salad bar, serving up salads, fresh juice, healthy gourmet sandwiches and a host of healthy snacks, as well as daily hot meals made on-site by Head Chef Po Loi Lee and his team.

Catering Service for specific Year groups in 2022/23

RCHK is currently offering food service for Year 4 through Year 13 students. Lunch meals are served from Monday to Friday, payment by Octopus only, with no pre-order required. 

Extension of Lunch Service for Year 1-3 students

Parents can enrol for the February and March 2023 meal service by filling out the below meal enrollment forms and returning them to the class teacher.

Points to note
  • Submission of the form means that parents will purchase and prepay lunch for the entire month  (specific days cannot be selected).
  • Parents must ensure their child knows what set lunch he or she will have each school day. 
  • Students will be assigned seating in a designated area to observe physical distancing requirement
  • A small drink will be provided (for Year 3 students starting February) with each lunch yet children will need to continue to bring their own water bottles to lunch
  • Cutlery is provided, but students may bring and be responsible for their own cutlery if preferred. In this case, please make sure that it is named.


Chartwells makes sure there is a variety of choices offered to students: 

  • Set A: Meat option
  • Set B: Fish or alternative meat option
  • Set C: Vegetarian option

The price for each lunch set is HK$31.50 (payment by Octopus only).

Please click here for the upcoming menu: June 2023. 
Safety Protocols

Following safety protocols, packed lunches will be served with lids and students are asked to bring their own cutlery and eat at the designated area where the packs are distributed. Clearly marked collection points for the trays will be set up around the dining areas.


For further information, please email Ms. Sally Liu at