Notice Regarding School Meal Enrolment (Credit or Refund): Please note that if you have paid for your child’s enrolment to school meals between February and April, our usual practice will be to credit these unused payments over, to cover future meals for the coming school term. However, if you prefer to have a refund please download & fill in the Meal Refund Form and return it to Chartwells Unit Manager, Sally Liu at Also, kindly note, Chartwells will freeze our lunch prices for the coming school year of 2020/2021 and there will be NO price increase whatsoever. We look forward to hearing from you, feel free to contact Sally if you have any further questions.

Chartwells oversees all food services at Renaissance College.

Chartwells operates the cafeteria, coffee shop and salad bar, serving up salads, fresh juice, healthy gourmet sandwiches and a host of healthy snacks, as well as daily hot meals made on-site by Head Chef Po Loi Lee and his team.


The meal enrolment system applies to students in Year 1 to Year 6.

Please be advised that no meal enrolment forms (August to October 2020) will be given to students due to the ever-changing circumstances of the current COVID-19 situation. You may access the forms and menu below. You can enrol for the entire month or, if you wish, on particular days. Please return forms with payment (cheque, cash, Octopus, PPS) in-person or by postal service to the cafeteria on or before Wednesday 19 August 2020. Contact Sally Liu at if you have any questions.

Please note: To avoid unnecessary delay in processing your child’s order, please include his/her first, middle and last names, year level and class. We also suggest that you write this information down on the back of your cheque.

Year 1 Enrolment Form

Year 2 Enrolment Form

Year 3 Enrolment Form

Year 4 Enrolment Form 

Year 5 Enrolment Form

Year 6 Enrolment Form

Y1 – Y6 Meal Menus

August 2020 to October 2020 



Years 1 – 2 – HK$27.50/lunch set
Year 3 – 6 – HK$29.50/lunch set

Lunch set includes a fresh hot dish with vegetables, fruit/dessert, and a drink with refill. 

If your child is in Year 4 to Year 6 and wishes to pay for lunch by cash on the day, it will cost HK$31 per set, so please enrol in advance.

Students in Year 1 to Year 3 are not able to make a meal purchase on the day.


For the 2018/19 academic year, Year 7 to Year 13 will be required to pay HK$28.50 per hot meal plate (additional charges for desserts/entrees).
Additional HK$1 for takeaway container.


Salad Bar: HK$28

Pizza: HK$20/slice


For further information, please email Sally Liu at