Chartwells oversees all food services at Renaissance College and operates the cafeteria, coffee shop and salad bar, serving up salads, fresh juice, healthy gourmet sandwiches and a host of healthy snacks, as well as daily hot meals made on-site by Head Chef Po Loi Lee and his team.

Years 1-3 parents can enrol for the meal service for May and June by filling out the below meal enrollment forms and returning them to the class teacher.

Walk-in purchases are available for students in Years 4 and above. 


Chartwells makes sure there is a variety of choices offered to students: 

  • Set A: Meat option
  • Set B: Fish or alternative meat option
  • Set C: Vegetarian option

The walk-in price for each lunch set is HK$33.50 (Payment by Octopus only).

Please preview the menu for June 2024. 



For further information, please email Ms. Sally Liu at