Our Wellbeing Team is here to support the RCHK community in moving toward their Wellbeing goals through coaching and counselling.

Why provide Wellbeing Coaching and Counselling at school?

Schools play a vital role in the development of positive emotions and positive relationships with young people, which in turn positively affects achievement outcomes. An inclusive, caring, supportive school and home environment, provides children with a sense of safety and belonging. This sense of safety and belonging at home and at school helps protect children from thoughts and feelings that can negatively impact learning, motivation, relationships and achievement.

Everyone experiences a challenge at some time with the way they are thinking, feeling, relating, working etc. that affects their happiness and wellbeing temporarily.

Coaching and Counselling at RCHK can be very helpful to students, parents and staff in

  •  Finding solutions
  •  Increasing achievement
  •  Accelerating personal development
  • Increasing positive thoughts and feelings
  • Increasing positive relationship experiences
  • Discovering personal meaning and motivation

Many members of our RCHK community access our service and find it a helpful experience.

Working with a Wellbeing Team member (counsellor/ coach) can lead to personal growth and positive behavioural change. This can be very helpful as the strengths, strategies and life-skills developed in sessions can be applied when encountering new challenges at any stage in life.

Our Service

We are a team of both in school and private practice, professional, qualified, counsellors, coaches and social workers, who provide support to our students and Renaissance College community.

All members of our Wellbeing Team are registered to practice in Hong Kong and abide by an ethical code of conduct. Our service is confidential and free to members of our community.

Counselling can be offered in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. If you prefer to read the above information in Chinese, please click here.

*Please note our Wellbeing Team do not offer psycho-educational assessments