8 Jul 2024

Results for the IB Diploma Programmes and Career-related Programmes


We are extremely proud to announce that the vast majority of Renaissance College Hong Kong (RCHK) students have been able to secure their first choice of university places and will undoubtedly be embarking on promising futures ahead of them. The results the graduating class of 2024 have been granted are reflective of their hard work and determination.

With a 96% pass rate in the full diploma and an average total point score of 36 points, the college continues to surpass global averages. Within these figures, it is worth drawing attention to the continued high rate of students who qualified for the bilingual diploma (achieved by taking two native/ near native language courses). In this cohort, 27% of the students were eligible to receive the bilingual diploma, and 100% of them qualified for it. This is the most prestigious of IB Diploma awards and shows an increase in performance in this area from last year.

In addition, RCHK scored an extremely high average point score of 6 out of a possible 7 across all subjects. An additional level of success can be seen by the fact that 28% of our students achieved 40 or more total points – a figure that would place them as competitive Ivy League or Oxbridge applicants. 

Further to this, two of our students achieved a total of 45 points, the maximum point score that can be achieved in the IB Diploma. 


A further breakdown of the results for the May 2024 IBDP cohort is as follows: 

Number of students entered for the full diploma   109
Number of students achieving the IB Diploma   104
Pass rate (%)   96%
Bilingual pass rate (%)   100%
Mean point score for IB Diploma Students   36
% of students achieving 30+ IB Diploma Points   81%
% of students achieving 35+ IB Diploma Points  59%
% of students achieving 40+ IB Diploma Points  28%
Mean grade for all students  6



The pass rate for the Career-Related Programme was 100% for this cohort, reflecting a continued high level of control over outcomes in this area. The following summary provides further details of the Career-Related student achievements: 

Pass rate 100% 
Total entries  6
Highest reflective project mark (out of 36)  32
Average reflective project mark (out of 36)  21
Average DP subject grade achieved by CP candidates (highest possible = 7)  5
Career-related component statistics: 
Savannah College of Art and Design GPA average  3
Australian Guild of Music – Music Instrument and Technology Distinction (GPA average 3)
International Culinary Institute & Hospitality and Tourism Institute Distinction
Musical Theatre with Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA) Merit


It is pertinent to note that the above scores achieved in the Reflective Project are indicative of the candidates’ strong independent research skills, and this component is given equal weighting to the DP Extended Essay by UCAS. As an outcome of excellence, a large number of RCHK students have been awarded the ESF Chairman’s Award this year and have also secured places at some of the top universities globally. 


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Published: 8 July 2024
Updated: 9 July 2024


Results for the IB Diploma (IBDP) Course Programmes and Career-related Programmes (IBCP) 2024 announced!