Student-Teacher Placement Opportunities

Renaissance College is a learning community and therefore supports, where possible, student-teachers through the provision of a number of placements each year, both within our Primary and Secondary Schools. The number of placements and the subjects offered changes annually.

Available placements

Primary: In the Primary school at RCHK, we support through mentoring Educational Assistants in achieving their PGCE through University of East London. This is open to Educational Assistants who have worked with us for two years, and is provided they are deemed ready to engage in a PGCE, and to teach students at RCHK. The cost of this course is the responsibility of the Educational Assistant.


Application process

If you would like to be considered for a placement at Renaissance College, please submit an application letter and Curriculum Vitae to:

Ms. Joanne Ferrari – Primary placement applications

Ms. Jennifer Whitehair – Secondary placement applications


At the interview, you will be expected to:
  • Demonstrate some knowledge of the IB curriculum.
  • Share an understanding of inquiry-based and student-centred learning and teaching.
  • Demonstrate good written and oral language skills.
  • Share the experience of working and/or observing in a school context as part of your preparation for study.
  • Explain how a placement at RCHK will fulfil the requirements of the course you are undertaking.
  • Explain how you will seek answers to questions you do not yet know, both when teaching students and engaging in your own studies.
  • Share a plan for balancing your life commitments, study and teaching.


If you are successful at the interview and we are able to provide you with a placement, you will need to provide us with the following documentation to secure this:

  • Completed Volunteer Worker Registration & Declaration Form
  • Copy of HK permanent ID card or relevant visa for working in Hong Kong
  • Copy of the University letter stating that you are studying there
  • Copy of their third-party insurance (usually it’s provided by the University)
  • Copy of the ‘Sexual Conviction Check’


Updated: 22 August 2023


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