Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!

Throughout Year 2, emphasis is placed on children becoming more aware of their roles and responsibilities in the RCHK community as they develop into independent learners.

It is our expectation that the students will become more responsible for their actions and will communicate with one another in a positive way.

Through exploration and hands-on learning activities your child will learn about the world around them. They will begin to understand the importance of reflecting on their own learning and listening to different perspectives.

At the heart of the Year Two curriculum is the IBO Learner Profile. Each of the attributes will be further developed throughout the year, building upon the knowledge gained from Year 1.

Year 2 Team


Steven Heere – Year 2 Coordinator / 2SH

Toni Weir – 2TW

James Schulz – 2JS

Catalina Abel – 2KD

Priscilla So – 2PS

Zaza Roceles – 2ZR

Tim Ryan – LET

Educational Assistants

Anita Chan

Diya Mirpuri

Bobby Sajnani

Jackie Tang

Lily Ho

Susan Wong

Evelina Matvejeva

Unit of Inquiry 

Please visit the Year 2 Website (Weebly) for more information on our Unit of Inquiry, upcoming events, important dates and lots more!