Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Application

Application for the 2019-20 school year begins on Monday 7 January, 2019.

Listed below are the presentations from the Scholarship Information Evening.

Scholarship Information – General & Academic
Scholarship Information – Drama
Scholarship Information – Sports
Scholarship Information – Visual Arts
Scholarship Information – Music

(*Due to limited availability in Year 7 for August 2019 entry, we only accept external Year 7 scholarship applications for waitlist placement. External scholarship candidates and parents please note that if you pass all the assessments and interview, you are to be placed on waitlist for Year 7 until a place becomes available. This means that you may not receive a confirmation offer until July or August.)

Scholarship Programme Application Forms are available below.

Completed and signed application forms and referee statements must be sent to the Admissions Office no later than 4pm, Friday 8 March, 2019. Applications must be completed in ink and cannot be sent by email. Applicants must attach all supporting documentation to their applications.

Applications will not be considered if they are:

  • Submitted late
  • Not signed
  • Incomplete
  • Not accompanied by required supporting documentation
  • Completed in pencil

For students who are currently enrolled at RCHK, please read this important notice.

8 March 2019 Applications close at 4pm
By 22 March 2019 Notification of testing arrangements posted to Academic Scholarships applicants
6 April 2019 Academic Scholarship Selection Test conducted at Renaissance College
April to May 2019 Music, Drama, Visual Art and Sports Scholarships interviews and auditions conducted at Renaissance College
May to June 2019 Interviews for Academic and Other Scholarships conducted at Renaissance College
June 2019 Posting of all performance reports. All applicants advised of outcome
Age to Year Level Placement (Secondary School): 2018- 2019
Year 7 Born in 2008
Year 8 Born in 2007
Year 9 Born in 2006
Year 10 Born in 2005
Year 11 Born in 2004
Year 12 Born in 2003
Year 13 Born in 2002

Please note that scholarships will be awarded to cover 100% of tuition fees. However, successful external applicants will be required to pay a one-off, “Non-refundable Building Levy (NBL)”. New students entering Year 7 to Year 12 will be asked to pay a prorated contribution of the total amount HK$50,000.


General Information
Important Notice
RCHK Scholarship Policies and Procedures
RCHK Referee Evaluation Form Part 1
RCHK Referee Evaluation Form Part 2
Academic Scholarship Application Form
Drama Scholarship Application Form
Music Scholarship Application Form
Sports Scholarship Application Form
Visual Arts Scholarship Application Form