Graduate Destinations

Graduate Destinations

The majority of students are now studying at higher education institutions in the UK (34%), Hong Kong (32%), Canada (14%) and the USA (9%). Four students have decided to gain knowledge outside of academia by taking a gap year before they head off to university.

With guidance and support from our further education counsellors, students were encouraged to apply to universities based on a strategy of selecting “stretch”, “realistic” and “insurance” choices. Students submitted an average of five applications each and generally they received multiple offers, ensuring an extremely high success rate in securing places at university.

The majority of our graduates are now studying a diverse range of subjects around the world including art and design, law, medicine, pharmacy, sciences and engineering, education, philosophy and literature, film studies, hospitality management, economics and business.

School University Profile 2017 – 2018

Final Destinations – Class of 2017


* As of 1 Nov 2017
Total students: 139


College Matriculation – Class of 2017

Australia (2)
University of Sydney (2)

Canada (20)
Alberta College of Art and Design (1)
Queen’s University (1)
Ryerson University (1)
Simon Fraser University (1)
University of British Columbia (6)
University of Toronto (8)
Western University (1)
York University (1)

France (1)
Sciences Po (1)

Hong Kong (43)
City University of Hong Kong (2)
College of International Education, HKBU (1)
Hong Kong Baptist University (1)
Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong (3)
Chinese University of Hong Kong (13)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (5)
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (7)
University of Hong Kong (10)

Singapore (1)
SIM Global Education (1)

Switzerland (1)
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (1)

UK (47)
Brunel University (1)
Cardiff University (2)
Durham University (1)
Goldsmiths, University of London (1)
King’s College London (4)
Kingston University (1)
Newcastle University (1)
Norwich Univesity of the Arts (1)
University College London (5)
University of Birmingham (1)
University of Bristol (1)
University for the Creative Arts (1)
University of East Anglia (1)
University of Edinburgh (3)
University of Exeter (1)
University of Glasgow (1)
University of Kent (3)
University of Leeds (1)
University of Manchester (2)
University of Nottingham (4)
University of Oxford (1)
University of the Arts London (5)
University of Surrey (2)
University of Sussex (1)
University of Sheffield (1)
University of Warwick (1)

USA (13)
New York University (4)
New York Film Academy (1)
Manhattan School of Music (1)
Syracuse University (1)
University of California at Davis (1)
University of California at Irvine (1)
University of California at Riverside (1)
University of Chicago (1)
University of Massachusetts Lowell (1)
Wellesley College (1)

Gap year (4) / Students will apply to Australia (5) and Japan (1) for 2018

As of 1/11/2017