The Story of Me

We are all very excited to meet you and learn about you. To help us to introduce ourselves and to share our stories, we thought about the things, people, activities, and memories that are special, or meaningful to us. See below the items we chose in our very special ‘The Story of Me’ photographs.

...Miss Justine

I have chosen the following objects to let you know more about me. I choose a book about Germany as I grew up in Germany and speak German. A giraffe because giraffes are my favourite animal. The measuring spoons and a cookbook represent my love of baking. An airplane because I love to travel and explore new places. Pizza because pizza is my favourite food. My walking shoes represent my love of hiking. Sai Kung magazine and Hong Kong book because this is where I live. A picture of Disneyland - my favourite place to visit in Hong Kong. Letters and Numicon because I love being a teacher!

...Miss Zaza

These are a few of my favourite things. I love arts and crafts. I enjoy drawing and painting, and I make things using different kinds of materials. My favourite materials are fabric and wool. I added the books I enjoy reading the most. I usually read books about famous people and thinkers who have helped the world become a better place. I also added a plant and walking shoes because I love walking in nature. The cookbook and cooking utensils show my love for cooking. I like experimenting in the kitchen and finding ways to create meals that I can enjoy with family and friends. The little black book is my journal. In it, I write about my feelings, things I am grateful for, short stories and poems.

...Mrs Kun

I have chosen to include a family picture because I love my family and I enjoy spending time with them. The map of Canada tells people where I have lived most of my life. The nature in Vancouver is magnificent. My family always talks about going to Japan. The Japanese trees remind me of a forest in Okinawa we’ve visited. The nutcracker represents Christmas, which is my favourite holiday of the year. Every summer we go to Paris to see our family. Do you know the French story Le Petit Prince? I buy and keep a lot of notebooks in my house. Sometimes I write recipes in them. I am interested in trying different kinds of pasta and teas. I love baking as much as I love sports. I box and play volleyball with my friends. I only remember a few notes I can play now but I am keen to pick up my ukulele again. I wonder what I can add to my picture next time!

...Miss Sharon

Here I am with some of my favourite things. One of the things I love the most is being with my family, so you can see a photo of them here. There's my paddleboard and goggles because my favourite place to be is at the beach and swimming in the sea. My hiking boots are used to go on adventures and explore nature and the beautiful outdoors. The books are there to show how much I enjoy reading stories and learning new things from them. I love dancing and you can see me wearing my belly dancing belt which I like to shake! I have my England football top on because I am passionate when they play and enjoy playing football too! I am wearing a silly wig because it shows how much I like to have fun and make people laugh!

...Mr Newman

The items I have chosen to tell my story are; a photo of my family on a holiday to Vietnam. A few of my favorite books to show my love of reading. My special teddy that was given to me by my Nan the day I was born. The map represents my love of travel and exploring new places. My dive log shows my love of diving and exploring life underwater. In my spare time, I like to play tennis and have chosen my tennis racket and tennis balls to show this. I have also included some leaves to show I enjoy spending time in nature, an Arsenal football shirt to show my football team and strawberries as they are my favorite fruit.

...Miss Anna

Here are some of the things that tell my story. You can see some photos of my family because they are very special to me. My mum made the two dollies when my twin girls were born. (My girls are a LOT bigger now, and you might meet them in school!) There is a pile of books to show my love of reading. I have a tartan travelling rug from Scotland because that is where my parents came from – but I am lying on a HK flag because I was born here! Can you see a pair of my running shoes? I use them to go out hiking with my family and friends in the country park nearly every week. I have also included a helmet and rope because I am learning to rock climb. I’m not sure if I like it yet, but I’m going to keep trying!