Primary RCHK student posing for a photo before the photo screen background during school photo days at Renaissance College Hong Kong.
28 Aug 2023

College-wide Photo Days

College-wide Photo Days start on Monday, 4 September 2023

RCHK will be working with our school portrait photography provider TechniPhoto once again this year to host our College-Wide Photo Days from Monday, 4 September through Friday, 8 September.

Please click here for the complete schedule for all Year groups.


Important Notes: 

1. Venue: PAC- Performing Arts Centre.

2. Primary Y1-6, individual portrait and a class group photo will be taken (e.g. 1AK, 4JR) with their teachers and EA’s.

3. Secondary Y7-11 students will take individual portrait and a class group photo (i.e. 7.2, 9.4) with their peers.

4. Secondary Y12 & Y13 DP students will take individual portrait and an advoisory group photo (e.g. M13, Q14) with their advisor.

5. Students who are absent or have missed their photo sessions can have their individual photos taken during breaks or after school any day during Sep 4-7.

6. Students who have missed taking the class group / advisory photo will not be included in the group print but will still be represented in the class page in the yearbook.


Siblings/Family Sessions

1. Optional siblings/family sessions (parent paid) are available after school hours (15:00-16:00) from Sep 4-7. Only siblings and core family members are welcomed.

2. With special reason, an apppointment for individual portrait with Techni Photo Studio at Cheung Sha Wan is possible.


Dress Code

1. Primary students are required to wear their official RCHK uniform, without PE shirt underneath nor any headgear.

2. Students who have PE classes on their designated photo day are required to bring in their full uniforms to change into. The school will not provide spare uniforms.

3. Year 12 and 13 students are advised to dress smart casual.


Photo Order Enquiry & Studio Session Booking

1. Photo proofs and order forms will be distributed in class/advisory around end of October 2023. An online order link is also available. Purchase of photo packages is optional.

2. Photographer’s Contact: Zoe So, Techni Photo – Tel: 2803 5988

3. RCHK Admin Contact: Helen Yeung – Email:


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