Terry Fox Run

“I want to try the impossible to show it can be done.”

Terry Fox


In celebration of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, Renaissance College and its community runs, walks, jumps, hikes, swims and dances our way to accumulate as many kilometres as we can! Throughout the Primary and Secondary schools, we raise awareness, much-needed funds for cancer research, and engagement. Support Terry Fox cancer fund and join our efforts for this very worthwhile cause.


To make fundraising more convenient for families we are providing options to donate to The Terry Fox Foundation via PayPal or Pledge Form. We will be organizing our fundraising by our four Houses, which will allow us to see how much we have raised by House as well as by the entire school.

In Hong Kong, all proceeds will support cancer research at institutions approved by The Terry Fox Foundation: The Hong Kong University for Lung Cancer Research, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Clinical Oncology.


No matter what payment method you chose (PayPal or bank transfer), please fill out the pledge form and drop it in one of the donation boxes placed in the Primary Office or the 1618 Cafe.

If you have any questions, please contact James Schulz at schulj1@rchk.edu.hk.


October has officially been re-labelled “Foxtober” and we invite the RCHK community to participate in The Terry Fox Run throughout the entire month to raise awareness and money for cancer research in the name of Terry Fox.


RCHK's month-long Terry Fox Run charity event aims to raise engagement, awareness, and funds for local cancer research. Lots of fun activities awaiting RCHK community: PE Competitions, House Challenges, Stravathon, personal challenge activities and more! 

Foxtober Engagements - WE WANT TO GET TERRY TO HONG KONG!

We are encouraging everyone to get outside and stay active for a great cause this October break! Our GET TERRY TO HONG KONG Challenge is completely optional, and no matter how many or how few kilometers you are able to complete, it will still go a long way towards supporting this meaningful event.
Scroll down the page for more details on the two Foxtober activities!
Stavathon with Strava App
Scavenger Hunt with Actionbound App



Register on Strava

Download Strava app on your phone and as a family, join your child’s House team and contribute to our total kilometres by running, walking, hiking, swimming or any other way you would like to get moving! Please use an adult’s email to register.


Join your House

Click on your family House’s logo below and “Request to Join”.


Record your first activity

Try to complete one of our Custom Terry Fox Run Routes or pick your own and get moving!

1. Trio Beach Terryrizer (Sai Kung)

2. Riverside Rep (Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung)

3. Up and Over (Ma On Shan)


- Scavenger Hunt -

Actionbound is a cool App that allows participants to complete a Scavenger Hunt while exercising! We have created our own Foxtober 1K Scavenger Hunt along the Ma On Shan Promenade. Follow these quick and easy steps to get started!


Create Actionbound account


Get ready

Get out your running shoes, a water bottle and whatever else you need!


Head to the MTR Exit A (RCHK entrance) to get started

Look for a sign on the gate to show you where to start, then just follow the app!

When entering the team name, please use the student’s first name and House (i.e. James, Tang House.


Upon returning back to school after break, our Primary and Secondary students will be encouraged to continue our GET TERRY TO HONG KONG Challenge! All student activity will be organized through our House system, enabling us to see how many kilometers have been accumulated by each House, as well as by the entire school. By working together as a whole community, we will challenge ourselves to see how many of the below “checkpoints” we are able to complete and will even try to create a visual to show our progress.

Foxtober 2021 numbers by House