6 Mar 2023

2022-23 Yearbook pre-orders! Reserve your copy via Gateway


We are pleased to announce that the Yearbook preorders are officially underway on Gateway from now until Friday 30 April at HK$95 per copy.

To reduce paper waste and minimise our carbon footprint, we will only print according to the number of orders; only a few copies will be available for sale at the Stationery Shop.

Please note that the Gateway eNotice has been enhanced with an auto-debit feature; ePayment will be processed simultaneously as you sign the reply slip. If you have questions or problems with the Payment System account, please email epay@rchk.edu.hk.

The eNotice will continue to pop up upon login to Gateway until you submit your order/opt-out from ordering or until the notice expires on 30 April 2023.


Updated: 6 March 2023, 15:39
Published: 26 March 2021, 16:01