7 Mar 2022

2021/22 Yearbook pre-ordering: deadline extension

RCHK Yearbook pre-orders are live on Gateway. Deadline has been extended until Sunday, 8 May!

We are pleased to announce that the Yearbook preorders via Gateway eNotice are officially underway from now until Sunday, 8 May at HK$80 per copy.

Pre-order now to get your copy of the RCHK 15th Anniversary Yearbook to avoid disappointment. There will be no reprint and only limited copies will be available for sale at the Stationery Shop.

The Gateway eNotices have been enhanced with an auto-debit feature; ePayment will be processed simultaneously as you sign the reply slip.


Primary eNotice   |  Secondary eNotice


Any questions, please email epay@rchk.edu.hk.



Published: 26 March 2021, 16:01
Updated: 6 May 2022, 12:55