28 May 2021

REMINDER: Resumption of full-day classes as of Monday 31 May

Friday 14 May 2021


Dear RCHK Family,

The surprise announcement by the EDB this week that international schools could resume full-day classes later this month was certainly good news. It gives time for students to get back into the routine of longer school hours in anticipation of a “normal” opening in August. The only obstacle for us at RCHK was the timing of the return to full-day classes. We had already planned for and scheduled Year 11 examinations and Year 6 – Year 7 transition the week of 24 May which is the earliest the government would permit the departure from half-day lessons. Therefore, we’re delighted to announce the resumption of full-day classes for all students beginning on 31 May through to the last day of term on 25 June.

The school day will be very similar to what students experienced from September-December 2020. The school dismissal returns to 3:00 pm for Primary, 3:10 pm for Secondary on Mondays – Thursdays with a 1:00 pm release on Fridays. The daily bus provision remaining the same. We’re still required to provide for social distancing, therefore, we’ll be unable to serve lunch. Students will need to pack their lunch along with the snack and water bottle(s) they currently bring.

Primary class teachers will be in touch with parents and guardians regarding the change in schedule during the next week or so. Vice-Principal, Geoff Wheeler, will soon contact Secondary students regarding changes in their current timetable.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we respond to the various lane changes from the government in response to the pandemic.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Harry Brown



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