2 Dec 2019

RCHK’s Chicago Musical is all that jazz and more

With two sold out nights, our Secondary students razzle and dazzled audiences as they shimmied across the stage – Broadway style – at PAC all through Wednesday and Thursday on 27 and 28 November 2019.

In a world of showbiz, trials, and lies, the strangest of circumstances always turn out to make the most trivial stories. RCHK’s captivating rendition of Chicago explored themes of crime, corruption, and all that jazz highlighted by the popular music and heavy dance numbers! It calls back to the great jazz age of the 1920s and follows the story of two death-row murderesses, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, who compete for fame, freedom, and their lives.

The four month production of over 130 RCHK students involved tireless preparations starting with auditions in June, scheduling rehearsals from August till the day of the show, costume and makeup, props and staging, photoshoots to campaign, designing marketing materials to raise awareness of the show. The buzz that was created sold out the two nights within a couple of weeks of announcement!

The cast first learned the dances and songs, while the band worked on the music. They later joined forces to fuse the moves and music together, along with the crew in our “in the round” style. The entire PAC hall, stage and lighting was set up as a Cabaret Theatre Club transporting the audience back in time to the 1920s.

The attention to detail and dedication by the cast and crew created not only a show, but an adventure; one with a pinch of razzle dazzle and a hefty helping of heart!