15 Dec 2020

RCHK student wins the ESF Christmas Card Design Contest!

Right before the Winter Holiday 2020, ESF ran a contest to design the Foundation Christmas Card. Among a dozen finalists, ESF’ers voted on their favourite design with no knowledge of who made it or which school it came from.

We were very pleased to learn that our own Year 10 Charmaine Cheung won the ESF-wide Christmas card Design Contest! On the last day of face-to-face class before the school moved to distance learning on Tuesday, 1 December, ESF CEO Ms Belinda Greer along with Mr Alan Milliken, Director of Strategic Performance and Quality Assurance, paid a special visit to RCHK to congratulate Charmaine on her remarkable achievement. They were greeted by Dr Harry Brown as well as Charmaine’s Art Teacher Sameera Pelham, who guided a talented 14-year-old and Andrew Deakin, Head of Visual Arts, who submitted her design to the competition.


Despite the whirlwind of joviality that was our last day of face-to-face classes for 2020, Charmaine took some time to talk to us in Comms about her inspiration for this delightful card of 14 reindeer that will now soon be a familiar festive scene throughout Hong Kong!

“I looked at different Pinterest holiday cards, and I saw this one with snowmen all aligned, and it gave me the idea”, says Charmaine. “I changed it to reindeer with different scarves with various flags to embrace the theme of diversity within ESF – but I didn’t think a rigid line of them was suitable, so to incorporate Christmas elements I made them into the shape of a tree, and then I thought the ESF logo could be the star on top.”


Our guests were also treated to a surprise Christmas Carol performance by the Primary students with special Christmas bit by the duo of DJs – Mr Brendan Lee and Mr Jason Prohaska!


We hope you will enjoy sending this beautiful card to your colleagues, contacts, family and friends. Click on the card image to download it and share the joy!



Published on: Dec 15, 2020 at 4:00 pm