17 Dec 2021

Jie Jie Day 2021


This year Jie Jie Day welcomed 285 guests who registered in advance as we had to monitor the number of visitors on campus. 

Thank you to the performers for amazing entertainment:

  • The Djungelskogs (band)
  • NYXIS (K-Pop dance)
  • Venus Fung (singing)
  • Daniella Pegg (singing)
  • Utah Lee (dance lesson)


Jie Jie Day 2021 photo gallery

For a full photo gallery from this event, please visit our Facebook page.


Jie Jie Day Committee shares
Jie Jie Day 2021 has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Everyone put a lot of effort into making this even happen, and we are so glad to know that the Jie Jies enjoyed themselves. We want to thank everyone who has shown us support in the school community. Thank you to our teacher supervisors, Ms. Pandya and Mr. Georgiou; as well as Business Manager Mr. Hureau along with the Facility team Ms. Lai and Mr. Lui, and the Support staff – Mr. Lee and Ms. Wong. Special thanks go to the Blue Team, all 41 student volunteers and performers, our MC Mr. Nicolson, and most importantly – our Jie Jies for their endless support.

More about Jie Jie Day on Instagram @jiejiedayrchk!



Published: 17 December 2021; 10:37am