23 Jun 2020

Please read this announcement if you received an email from EDB with the subject: “2019/20學年學生津貼 Student Grant for 2019/20 School”

If you have received an email from the EDB with the subject: “2019/20學年學生津貼 Student Grant for 2019/20 School”; it means that a mistake or an oversight was found on your form.

The forms are now with RCHK and you can come to make any corrections needed at a booth outside our Reception area at the following times:

Tuesday 23 June: 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm 

Wednesday 24 June (last day of school): 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm 

Thursday 25 June: RCHK closed for Dragon Boat Festival 

Starting Friday 26 June, the forms will continue to be available at the fifth floor Admin Office (AB501) from 9am to 4pm.

When making the needed corrections, please follow these instructions from EDB:

“Please use black or blue ball pen to amend/provide the information (and no correction fluid should be used). Please sign next to Signature of Applicant on the copy (the signature of which must be the same as that on the original application form submitted).”

Important points to note:

  • Any corrections or amendments must be made on the EDB form provided at RCHK with the QR code in the top right corner. Reprinted forms will not be accepted. 
  • For your information, many of the common mistakes cited are the bank code missing (e.g: 004 for HSBC), so make sure that you come with your correct bank account number.
  • EDB is asking for a “sole-name savings or current bank account” to be listed.
  • Make sure the signature is the same as on the original application form – please refer back as necessary.

We ask that you please try to come to RCHK before the end of June to resolve any issues. Any questions, please email Office Administrator Beatrice So at soy8@rchk.edu.hk.