16 Oct 2020

73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (Primary and Secondary)


The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival is now calling for application.


Applying is not mandatory but if you wish to enrol for your child, please note the following information:

  1. The application form and syllabus can be downloaded from the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association website. Please log in using RCHK credentials provided below. Both Primary and Secondary use the same form.


Website: http://www.hksmsa.org.hk

Membership number: 017813

Password: n5d8v6


  1. No training will be provided; Please arrange your own tuition should you wish to.


  1. Please fill out the “Competitor’s Information” part and the other school details will be filled for you by RCHK. Please ensure the information (e.g. name, area code and class code) on the application is correct and that your child has satisfied the requirements (e.g. age, qualification and etc) of the intended competition. No amendments can be made after you submitted the form.


  1. The enrollment fee will be charged through E-payment.


  1. Please make sure that all required documents for the intended class (e.g. own choice form / certificates if required) are submitted together with the application form. Refer to the festival syllabus to confirm if extra documents are required together with the application form.


  1. Completed forms can be returned to the Primary Office / PAC Technical Office (PAC008), on/before Friday, 30 October 2020. Please note that the deadline for submission through school is different from the official deadline of the festival. Late submissions WILL NOT be accepted.



    Please note:

    If students are required to skip lesson(s) for the competition, prior notice to the school is required.

    Please visit the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association website for all information and updates, e.g. important dates to be noted & Special arrangement due to the pandemic.


Published on 16 October 2020.