12 Oct 2020

ESF-wide Innofair 2020


ESF-Wide Innovation Fair “STEMs” interest in Secondary students! 

On Saturday 10 October 2020, Years 10-13 students from across ESF gathered in the PAC for The Innovation Fair 2020, a Science Fair that aims to promote interest in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Students from RCHK, KGV and Island School conducted research over the summer holidays; working directly with notable STEM professors across Hong Kong as mentors.


Each participating team have been conducting research over the summer holidays in order to present their findings at this very fair. Students were allocated mentors who are Professors at various Hong Kong universities and who have volunteered their time to work with young innovators. Professors will be joining the fair as our honourable guests.


Topics covered included measuring the level of moisture in soil, investigating music and its effect on emotions, creating and evaluating bioplastics, and comparing the effectiveness of synthetic and natural antioxidants – just to name a few! While a few prizes were given out, overall the event served as a wonderful collaboration amongst the ESF as well as greater Hong Kong community for students and faculty alike to share their research and passion for STEM.