24 Mar 2022

Covid-19 student vaccination data

Submission of student vaccination data for school’s full-day reopening

Thursday, 24 March 2022


Dear RCHK Family,

We were thrilled to learn about the reopening of school for in-person lessons after the Easter vacation on Tuesday 19 April.

Gathering our community vaccination data is crucial for enhancing students’ experience on campus. Reaching the 90% 2-dose vaccination threshold would allow us to offer full-day classes and resume some after-school activities.

I’m writing this message following last week’s letter from ESF Centre, with the hope that we can, once more, count on your support on this matter.

ESF made available on the ESF App a function to upload your child’s vaccination record. Please refer to the tips on how to do this quickly.

We will keep you posted on how close we are to achieving the 90% threshold to satisfy the EDB mandate for full-day school. Otherwise, we’ll likely need to revert to half-day school as we’ve done in the past.

Thank you for your continued support.




Dr. Harry Brown



Sent via ESF App on 24 March 2022; 13:40



Friday, 18 March 2022


Dear Parent

Over the past few months, the Education Bureau (EDB) has requested information on the number of staff and students that have received a COVID-19 vaccination. ESF has already collected data relating to the number of teaching staff who have been vaccinated. ESF is now seeking your support to establish the vaccination status in relation to students attending ESF schools. The provision of this information is entirely voluntary. However, we believe that having details of the levels of student vaccination in our school communities will be of assistance when face-to-face learning resumes.

The ESF App now has a Student Vaccine Record function that parents can use to upload their child’s/children’s vaccination information. We would encourage you to upload details of your child’s/children’s vaccination status through the ESF App. Any personal data will be held safely and securely and in line with ESF’s personal data handling and data privacy policy, available here.

Yours sincerely

ESF Centre



Sent via ESF App on 18 March 2022; 16:26