9 Dec 2019

Christmas festivities chime in at RCHK

The last few weeks of Term 1 ended on a high note with Christmas festivities – we saw Santa and Elves dropping down a 5-story building, Christmas shopping for loved ones, food, drinks and lots of cheer!

On Thursday 5 December, our RAPT Committee dedicated the last Coffee Morning session as a Thank You to members of the RCHK community, parents, staff and students which was later followed by a festive bazaar offering unique gifts at bargain prices!

Our Primary and Secondary students continued the festivities into the following day with the Student Service Market. They sold beautiful hand-made and sustainable goodies raising funds to support charities based in Hong Kong and their respective CAS trips they recently visited including Laos, Bali and Cambodia. Our Junior Achievement entrepreneurs sold their latest must-have household product for the first time whilst some of our Year 11 students offered  unique products they created as part of their ‘Make It, Sell It’ I&S and Design interdisciplinary unit.

Thank you to everyone who joined us throughout the week in celebration of the holiday season and in support of various causes!