10 Sep 2021

Alumni Reunion

Each reunion is special, but this year’s RCHK Alumni Reunion really exceeded our expectations!

On Saturday, 21 August 2021, over 50 RCHK alumni from across various paths of life showed up in the PAC to celebrate togetherness after two long years of suspension of such events due to Covid-19. 


We welcomed a few teachers, like Ms. Aletha Rossier from our Further Education team or Ms. Shobha Sanker – the beloved Mathematics Teacher. 

Ms Wilma Shen, Alumni Relations Manager and Scholarship Coordinator at RCHK, welcomed students and shared some recent events and highlights followed by a photo gallery from past events. 

Followed by Ms. Shen’s presentation was an intro by Dr. Harry Brown titled Who we are today? based on data we have gathered through a signup list. Our data shows that among those who came were engineers, artists, IT specialists or lawyers to name a few. To have such a diverse group of former students is a true highlight of our inclusive education and proof that our student development programmes within our IB system can produce amazing specialists from various fields who when supported by learning experiences and backed by education specialists, are inspired to choose their paths.


During the reunion, alums were the very first testers of the RCHK Monopoly edition. The sneak peeks of this iconic game was a big hit! 


Thank you for dropping by and we look forward to staying in touch; besides the refreshed ESF Connect platform, Facebook, LinkedIn or email are some of the channels through which RCHK alumni can reach us.