RCHK 15th Anniversary Fun Day
17 Dec 2021

15th Anniversary of RCHK!


Happy 15th, RCHK!
This year Renaissance College Hong Kong celebrates 15 years of establishment and we celebrated our birthday with the community on the 4th of December during a big party thrown by the RAPT!
In the three time slots to observe social distancing, various games were arranged by the students to entertain our youngest visitors, who could take a ride on our popular Pedal Kart or try RCHK Scouts’ camping experience. RCHK Talents did not disappoint either; we saw singing and music band performances, Taekwondo show or classical music concert to name a few.
Last but not least, the culinary delights prepared for this occasion by our catering partner, Chartwells, made sure our guests’ tummies are satisfied.


15th Anniversary souvenir

Our special souvenir to commemorate our milestone was launched on the day of the Fun Day and was a big hit! We talk about the Monopoly! Yes, our very own RCHK-branded version of this classic game!

Players will appreciate the bespoke signature details such as the tokens reflecting our signature House system, with the insignias of Ming, Qing, Song and Tang etched in great detail on the game pieces.

A special edition of RCHK Monopoly is now available at the Stationery Shop.



Special moments captured on camera

Click below to view photos from our 15th Anniversary Fun Day!



Published 17 December 2021; 10:05