Year 5


Welcome to Year Five and more exciting times at Renaissance College.

Year Five provides an opportunity for students to develop their independence and become independent risk-takers. This year is full of amazing experiences and some of the highlights include the three day camp in November 2017 and our Media night in May 2018.

This is also a year to focus on applying the ICT skills we are developing in many exciting and novel ways.

All aboard for our incredible journey.

Year Five Team


Patricia Thomson – Year Five Coordinator / 5TH

Lisa MacDonald – 5LM

Ingela Summerton – 5IS

Margarita Hoyos – 5MH

Peggy Tham – 5PT

Rannie Samtani – 5RS

Educational Assistants

Daisy Cheung

Frank Sambrook

Sheila Mak

Unit of Inquiry

Please visit the Year Five website for information on our Unit of Inquiry, upcoming events, important dates and lots more!

Year Five Website