Textbook Ordering 2016-2017

Parents may order textbooks from Swindon Books, but there is no requirement that textbooks be purchased through Swindon. Parents can buy textbooks from whichever suppliers they prefer. Please also note that students may buy stationery items from any stationery shop.

Please read the message from the Head of Secondary and Swindon Book Order Instruction for further clarification.

Textbooks can be purchased in two ways:

1. Order online by following the Swindon Book Order Link Y7-Y13:  www.swindonbooks.com/tborder/rchk


2. Order by paper forms at the Swindon book store

Listed below are the textbook order forms as well as suggested stationery lists for Years 7-12 students.

Year 7 Textbook Order Form

Year 8 Textbook Order Form

Year 9 Textbook Order Form

Year 10 Textbook Order Form

Year 11 Textbook Order Form

Year 12 Textbook Order Form

Year 13 Textbook Order Form

Useful Information:

Year 7 Stationery Order Form

Years 8-12 Suggested Stationery List