Service and Action

Service and Action

Service and Action (SA) is an essential component of the MYP Programme. It is well integrated into the MYP curriculum in different subject areas through Year 7 to Year 11.

Our MYP Service and Action programme is designed to encourage empathy and respect.

Students can benefit from:

  • Increased awareness of need in the local and global communities
  • Sharing skills, talents and resources
  • Developing leadership and cooperative skills
  • Gaining insight into different social patterns and ways of life
Requirements for Year 10 and 11 Students

In order to gain the MYP certificate, students must successfully complete the Service and Action programme by using their own free time.

Students should record all activities digitally in their Managebac Account. At the end of the academic year they will then be expected to reflect orally (Y10/11) and submit a written reflection for one of their activities (Y11 ONLY). Students will be evaluated by their advisory teachers and will be awarded a final grade.

In the culminating MYP Service and Action Reflection, students must communicate and provide evidence that they have met the following criteria:

  1. Initiated at least one activity themselves
  2. Worked collaboratively with others
  3. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities
  4. Demonstrated international-mindedness
  5. Developed new skills
  6. Considered ethical implications of their service activities
  7. Demonstrate in-depth reflection showing awareness of their strengths and areas of growth
Guidelines of Major and Minor C&S Tasks
  Minimum Number of Activities Required General Guidelines
Year 10 Year 11
Major Task 1 1
  • The Major Task needs to fulfill a minimum of 4 criteria.
  • The time involved for a Major task is expected to be around 12 hours, spread over at least one month.

Minor Task 2* 1*
  • The Minor Task needs to fulfill a minimum of 2 criteria.
  • The time involved for a Minor task is expected to be at least 2 hours.

*If students are involved in a year-long project, they are not required to do any further majors or minors. Please get approval from the MYP Service and Action Coordinator.

Examples of Service and Action Opportunities

Inside school Outside of school
  • House activities
  • After School Activities
    Rooftop gardening
    Recycling paper/bottles
    Mandarin/Maths support
  • Student groups
    Clubs initiated by students
    Peer support
    Young Mentorship
    Primary support
    Student Council
    First-Aid Team
  • School operations
    PAC technical support
    ICT support
    RedDoor support
    Library support
  • School events
    Service Fair
    Sports Day
    School Fair
  • Join the tutorship programme for children from low-income families in a local community centre
  • Support English-language activity in the local community
  • Become a volunteer in a charitable or a non governmental organization (NGO)
  • Support and visit nursing homes
  • Sponsor and visit orphanages
  • Support disadvantaged groups through church or temple
  • Support animal welfare
  • Famine 30
  • Charity Walk
  • Beach clean up
  • Creating their own project to assist organisations such as Box of Hope, Christmas boxes, Starfish Foundation
  • Performing for local schools or organisations for the disadvantaged
  • 24hr Charity Events – Sailing, Running

McKenzie Day 
Service and Action Coordinator Year 10-11

Cameron Otto
Service and Action Coordinator Year 7-9